Lux Bar Exclusive: Cocktails amplified with a touch of Gläce


Attention cocktail connoisseurs:  We’d hate to break it to you, but unfortunately, your cocktails on the rocks are not quite elite. Here at the Luxury Elitist, we can’t hold on to the secret any longer. Sip, savor and upgrade your drink with the super-swanky ice brand Gläce Luxury Ice.

Known as the “World’s Best Cocktail Ice”, Gläce Luxury Ice instantly transforms your cocktail into art in a glass.  Gläce Luxury Ice’s highest appeal is its superior performance versus standard “tap water ice”. With its mastered design in minimizing contamination, Gläce Luxury Ice allows ultra-premium spirit connoisseurs to enjoy a consistent ‘on the rocks’ serve. Each piece is individually carved and purified of minerals, additives and other pollutants that tend to alter the taste of your cocktail. Need an additional perk? Gläce Luxury Ice also minimizes dilution, allowing the preservation of your cocktail longer within your glass. Combining all these elite attributes, tap water ice cannot compete.

Gläce Luxury Ice made its official debut with the ultra-elegant Mariko sphere. Sizing in at 6cm, the Mariko sphere is the ultimate ambience setter within a VIP’s cocktail. The Mariko sphere has the tendency to spark conversation and becomes popular at an event or bar commanding others take notice to it.

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Loving the idea of matching prestige with both spirit and ice? Gläce Luxury Ice presents its latest line the G^3 (G-Cubed) meant to compliment brown liquors. This cube also has a reputation of intrigue and inspiration. “Gläce Luxury Ice is experiencing unexpected adoption success,” said Roberto Sequeira, Founder and Principal of Gläce Luxury Ice Co. “We launched with the expectation of conservative growth and taking a long time to reach premium clients, but we’ve been amazed at clients’ responses and the improvement in how a cocktail is experienced.” Gläce Luxury Ice is now nationally distributed by Sysco Foods’ Gourmet Division.


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